Arabic Bread Maker 1800W- White Mebashi ME-HBM135

brownlip11.2 Arabic Bread Maker 1800W- White Mebashi ME-HBM135

Arabic Bread Maker 1800W- White Mebashi ME-HBM135


The Arabic Bread Maker 1800W- White Mebashi ME-HBM135 is a high-quality and fashionable kitchen appliance that allows you to easily make delicious Arabic bread at home. With its 30cm*30cm diameter big size cooking plate, you can create perfectly cooked bread every time.


1. High-Quality and Fashion Halogen Tube

The Arabic Bread Maker is equipped with a high-quality and fashion halogen tube that ensures even cooking and browning of the bread. This tube provides consistent heat distribution, resulting in perfectly cooked bread with a golden crust.

2. New Viewing Window

The Arabic Bread Maker features a new viewing window that allows you to watch the bread as it cooks. This feature lets you monitor the progress of your bread and ensures that it is cooked to perfection.

3. Top Cover Height

With a top cover height of 110mm and an inside useful height of 90mm, this bread maker can accommodate larger bread sizes. You can easily bake bread with different thicknesses and sizes to suit your preferences.

4. Non-Stick Coating Plate

The cooking plate of the Arabic Bread Maker is coated with a non-stick coating, making it easy to clean after use. You can simply wipe off any residue or use a mild detergent for a thorough clean.

5. High Temperature for Fast Roasting

The Arabic Bread Maker operates at a high temperature, allowing for fast roasting of the bread. This ensures that your bread is cooked quickly and efficiently, saving you time in the kitchen.

6. ON/OFF Switch and Red Lamp Design

The bread maker is equipped with an ON/OFF switch and a red lamp design. This design not only adds a stylish touch to the appliance but also provides a visual indicator of the cooking process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the power consumption of the Arabic Bread Maker?

A: The Arabic Bread Maker has a power consumption of 1800W and operates at 220-240V/50/60Hz.

Q: What is the capacity of the cooking plate?

A: The cooking plate has a diameter of 30cm, allowing you to bake large-sized bread.

Q: Is the motor of the bread maker made of copper?

A: Yes, the bread maker features a full copper motor, ensuring durability and efficient performance.


The Arabic Bread Maker 1800W- White Mebashi ME-HBM135 is a must-have kitchen appliance for bread lovers. With its high-quality construction, fashion halogen tube, and convenient features such as the new viewing window and non-stick coating plate, you can easily create delicious Arabic bread at home. The high temperature and fast roasting capabilities of this bread maker make it a time-saving and efficient tool in the kitchen. Upgrade your bread-making experience with the Arabic Bread Maker 1800W- White Mebashi ME-HBM135.