Beyerdynamic MMX102 Portable Headphones – Black

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Beyerdynamic MMX102 Portable Headphones – Black

Beyerdynamic MMX102 Portable Headphones – Black

The MMX 102 iE is sound in its finest form. The polished anodized aluminum and durable TPE material show the special status of this mobile earphone. Its voicing represents our company’s hi-fi approach and Neodymium acoustic drivers guarantee extremely high fidelity music reproduction throughout the full frequency spectrum. Besides the wonderful transparent treble and the precise midrange, it is mainly the inspiring bass response that makes the MMX 102 iE a favorite in-ear headphone in the upper price range. Without exaggerating the bass, reproduction goes down low to the very deep end and always stays punchy.

Of course, the MMX 102 iE is suitable for all mobile devices, whether it be notebooks, tablet computers, MP3 players or smartphones.

For safe transport, a soft case is included, which allows you to wear your in-ear headphones comfortably in your pocket.

Set Contains:

  • High-quality hands-free microphone
  • Compatible to common smartphones
  • High-resolution, crystal clear sound
  • HD Neodymium acoustic transducer
  • Refined lightweight metal housing
  • Incl. Softcase
  • Incl. Skype-/VoIP-adapter
  • With three different silicone eartips
  • Suitable for portable players such as MP3
  • Low Impedance
  • In Ear Design with handsfree Microphone
  • Light weight
  • With Handsfree Microphone

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are the headphones compatible with iPhones?
  2. Yes, the headphones are compatible with common smartphones, including iPhones.

  3. What is the impedance of the headphones?
  4. The headphones have a low impedance.

  5. Do the headphones come with a microphone?
  6. Yes, the headphones come with a high-quality hands-free microphone.


The Beyerdynamic MMX102 Portable Headphones in black are a top choice for those seeking high-quality sound and comfort on the go. With their refined lightweight metal housing, high-resolution sound, and hands-free microphone, these headphones offer a premium listening experience. Whether you’re using them with a notebook, tablet, MP3 player, or smartphone, the MMX102 iE delivers crystal clear sound and impressive bass response. The included soft case and three different silicone eartips ensure convenient and comfortable use. Don’t compromise on sound quality, choose the Beyerdynamic MMX102 Portable Headphones for your mobile audio needs.