Paleovalley Essential C Complex – Vitamin C Supplement for Immune Support

brownlip10.18 Paleovalley Essential C Complex – Vitamin C Supplement for Immune Support

Paleovalley Essential C Complex – Vitamin C Supplement for Immune Support

Paleovalley Essential C Complex – Vitamin C Supplement for Immune Support

Eat Consciously. Live Vibrantly.

At Paleovalley, our mission is to help people reclaim vibrant health. We provide products that prioritize nutrient density in an industry that prioritizes everything else. We believe that every dietary choice and every added ingredient is a powerful opportunity to love and care for oneself.

Paleovalley Essential C Complex

This supplement contains three of the planet’s most concentrated sources of vitamin C: organic unripe acerola cherry which contains significantly high concentrations of naturally sourced full-spectrum vitamin C, organic camu camu berry, and organic amla berry.

A Rich Source of Real Vitamin C

Get these exotic, vitamin-C rich, organic superfoods into your daily diet and help support the normal function of your immune system. Each ingredient is minimally processed to avoid damaging its fragile nutrients so you can maximize the nutritional benefits.

Fast Absorption of Nutrients

It is widely accepted that the nutrients found in whole foods are far more bioavailable as they contain the full spectrum of complementary co-factors and bioflavonoids that are beneficial to your overall health.

No Synthetic Ascorbic Acid

Synthetic vitamin C just can’t compete with the spectrum of nutrients from these organic superfood sources. Corn-derived ascorbic acid can only provide a fraction of the vitamin C, antioxidants, and other nutrients that you can get from each vegetable capsule of Essential C Complex.

Full Spectrum Organic Vitamin C

Support your immune system faster and easier with a full spectrum of organic superfoods rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Essential C Complex is a powerful natural vitamin C product, with each nutrient-packed serving delivering 500% of your recommended daily intake.

Made From Organic Superfoods

Essential C Complex contains not just one but three of the most concentrated natural sources of Vitamin C: unripe acerola cherry, camu camu, and amla berry, which are incredibly rich in vitamin C and loaded with other nutrients and antioxidants to support immunity, gums, eyes, skin, circulation, and detoxification.

No Synthetic Ascorbic Acid

Taken from organic whole foods, our formulation is developed without the isolated, synthetic form found in other products. Vitamin C found in whole foods such as in this supplement is far more bioavailable to help support nutrient absorption, energy level regulation, and overall immune function. Each content of our vitamin C capsules is pure, without fillers or flow agents.

Gently Dried to Preserve Nutrients

Vitamin C is a fragile nutrient easily damaged by heat, so we use low drying techniques to give you 450mg of pure vitamin C per serving. This makes our Essential C Complex a highly concentrated organic vitamin source gram-for-gram.

Wildcrafted Whole Foods Vitamin C

Our vegan vitamin C food supplement is absolutely gluten-free, non-GMO, grain, soy, and dairy-free—suitable for any diet and lifestyle.