Product Description – Konstsmide 6110-103 Christmas Lights

brownlip10.12 Product Description – Konstsmide 6110-103 Christmas Lights

Product Description – Konstsmide 6110-103 Christmas Lights

Product Description – Konstsmide 6110-103 Christmas Lights

Introducing the Konstsmide 6110-103 Christmas Lights, the perfect addition to your holiday decorations. This stunning indoor light decoration features a 7 pointed star design, adorned with 32 warm white LEDs. The transparent cable adds a touch of elegance, allowing the lights to shine brightly without any distractions.

Key Features

  • 7 pointed star design
  • 32 warm white LEDs
  • Transparent cable
  • Dimensions: 45.0 cm x 1.0 cm x 45.0 cm

Easy to Use

The Konstsmide 6110-103 Christmas Lights are incredibly easy to use. Simply plug them in and watch as they instantly transform your space into a festive wonderland. The transparent cable allows for easy placement, whether you want to hang the lights on your Christmas tree or display them in a window.

Energy Efficient

Not only are these Christmas lights beautiful, but they are also energy efficient. The 32 warm white LEDs provide a warm and inviting glow while consuming minimal energy. You can enjoy the festive ambiance without worrying about your electricity bill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can these lights be used outdoors?

No, the Konstsmide 6110-103 Christmas Lights are designed for indoor use only. Using them outdoors may result in damage to the lights and pose a safety hazard.

Are the LEDs replaceable?

No, the LEDs in these Christmas lights are not replaceable. However, they have a long lifespan, ensuring that you can enjoy them for many holiday seasons to come.

Can I connect multiple sets of lights together?

Yes, you can connect multiple sets of Konstsmide 6110-103 Christmas Lights together. Each set comes with a connector, allowing you to easily extend the length of the lights to suit your needs.


Add a touch of magic to your holiday decorations with the Konstsmide 6110-103 Christmas Lights. With its 7 pointed star design, warm white LEDs, and transparent cable, this indoor light decoration is sure to create a festive atmosphere in your home. Easy to use and energy efficient, these lights are a must-have for any Christmas enthusiast. Get yours today and make your holiday season truly special.