TELESIN Camera Suction Mount

brownlip11.18 TELESIN Camera Suction Mount

TELESIN Camera Suction Mount

TELESIN Camera Suction Mount

Are you tired of shaky footage and limited angles when using your GoPro camera? The TELESIN Camera Suction Mount is here to solve your problems. With its 360 rotation ball head and strong suction tripod, this accessory is a game-changer for capturing stunning and stable shots.

Key Features

360 Rotation Ball Head

The TELESIN Camera Suction Mount features a 360 rotation ball head, allowing you to adjust the angle of your GoPro camera with ease. Whether you’re shooting action sports or scenic landscapes, this feature gives you the flexibility to capture the perfect shot.

Strong Suction Tripod

Equipped with a strong suction tripod, this mount provides a secure and stable base for your GoPro camera. You can attach it to smooth surfaces such as car windows, surfboards, and helmets, knowing that your camera is safe and steady.


  • Stable footage for action shots
  • Flexible angles for creative photography
  • Secure attachment to various surfaces
  • Durable and reliable construction


Is the suction mount easy to install?

Yes, the suction mount is designed for quick and easy installation. Simply press it onto a smooth surface and use the lever to create a strong vacuum seal.

Can the mount hold the GoPro camera securely during high-speed activities?

Absolutely! The strong suction tripod ensures that your camera stays in place, even during fast movements and vibrations.


The TELESIN Camera Suction Mount is a must-have accessory for any GoPro enthusiast. Its 360 rotation ball head and strong suction tripod provide the stability and flexibility needed to capture amazing shots in any environment. Say goodbye to shaky footage and limited angles – with this mount, the possibilities are endless.